University of Pittsburgh


Title Author Subject Grade level State
Carrie Furnace: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Stephen Cicero museum education project N/A PA
Labor in the Gilded Age Angela Arnold US History (Reconstruction to present day) High School NJ
U.S. Regional Perspectives on the Homestead Steel Strike of 1892 Dennis DeFilippo History Journalism, Human Geography High School PA
Decoding the Homestead Strike Mark Risisky US History High School FL
The Industrial Revolution: Building America Justice Woolsey History High School MO
Minecraft Homestead and Primary Sources Laura Israelson Social Studies, Technology, Language, Arts, STEM Middle School CO
What’s for lunch? Food reveals status and ethnic identity among participants in the Homestead Steel Strike of 1892 in Pennsylvania James D’Acosta US History, Economics, Civics-Contemporary Issues courses High School CT
Homestead Steel Strike: Owners vs. Labor Elise Barkemeyer US History High School LA
Andrew Carnegie: The Ethics of Andrew Carnegie and his “Gospel of Wealth” Robert Wehmann Social Studies, Ethics High School NY
Homestead and Carnegie, a Complicated History Don Little Social Studies, American History High School NY
Highlighting the Homestead Strike Derek Ciapala American History High School OH
History of labor unions in the US Cameron Tabatabaie Intro to Economics High School MA
The American Dream and Out of This Furnace Kevin McGuire English Social Studies High school PA
Why Do Workers Unionize? Chaim Steinberg Social Studies, American History High school PA
Homestead Steel Strike Structured Academic Controversy Donell Osborne US History High School GA
Making connections with other labor movements across the nation Charles Finn US History Middle School WA
Homestead Strike “Choose Your Own Adventure” Steve Smith AP US History, part of Unit on Gilded Age and Industrialization High School PA
Teaching Homestead using The Great Gatsby Jennifer Constabile English High School NY
The Pros and Cons of Carnegie’s Businesses Ed Leahy US History High School MA
Justifying Unions, Homestead 1892 and Starbucks 2022 Katie Moulder American Studies High School NC
Labor Unions in the Gilded Age Beth Vaknin US History II Honors High School NJ
Investigating the 1919 Steel Strike Kathleen Reddington US History, AP US History High School NY
Change and Continuity in Labor: 1865-1900 Bridget Nimmer AP US History High School WI
Visual Thinking Skills and the Homestead Steel Strike Kerrie More Library/Media High School MT
“Hell with the Lid Off”: Environmentalism in Carnegie’s Pittsburgh Scott King-Owen AP US History, US History High School OH
A Close Reading of a Map of Homestead Jeff Lunde Geography High School MN
The Homestead Pump House as a Landmark Lori McDermott History, Geography High School PA
The Gilded Age Karen Fleming US History Middle school (8th) IL
The Homestead Steel Strike of 1892 Richard Vanden Bosch US History High School (8-12) college CA
The Role Pittsburgh Played in the Industrial Revolution and Westward Expansion Anne Orenstein Social Studies, English, Science Elementary (5th) NY
Prosperity For All: The Legacy of Homestead Chris Sturgeon US History High School IN
From Amalgamated Association of Steel Workers to Amalgamated as One Julia Blakely US History 11, Indiana History High School IN
Imagining Progress: 1889-1920 Sarah Beaumont-Porter Humanities 11 High School WA
Labor Unions Libby Monson, Tracy Stokes Social Studies, US History II High School UT
Labor and Living Conditions in Industrial Cities – mid-1800s to early 1900s Aileen Level World History Middle School CA
Three Strikes--You’re Out! of a job Peggy Pyle US History 1877-Present High School OH
Dramatic Monologues: Researching and Writing from Historical Perspectives (with the Homestead Steel Strike) Katherine Cottle Creative Writing High School MD
Introduction to Symbolic Interactionism Holly Yates Sociology High School TN
To Strike or Not to Strike? Brian Lepre US History Middle School (8th) NY
U.S. Regional Perspectives on the Homestead Steel Strike of 1892 Dennis DeFelippo History, Journalism, Human Geography High School PA
Why the Steel Industry Rose Under Andrew Carnegie and Fell in the 20th Century John Galle-Boyko American History Middle School PA
The Crime at Homestead, Whodunnit? Anne Walker Virginia History, US History High School VA
Industrial Revolution Introduction Joshuah Totten-Greenwood US History High School NH
Homestead 1889-1892 and the Fall of a Labor Republic Brad Pietryga American History High School (11th) PA
Homestead Steel Strike Collage Workshop Melanie Linn Gutowski Art programming, Public History programming N/A PA
Workers’ Rights Unit Heather Manns English Middle School NY
The Homestead Steel Strike of 1892 Jason Cogan US History High School FL
The Public Memory of the Homestead Strike: Creating a Memorial to Remember the Homestead Strike. Hamilton Hernandez US History High School CT
The Church Sides with Labor Lam Nguyen US History High School MN
Was Andrew Carnegie a friend of labor unions? Sean O’Neil US History High School PA
Supply and Demand for Labor and the Homestead Steel Strike Jarrod Sisk Economics High School CT
Things Aren’t Always What They Seem To Be David Bates PA History, Social Studies Elementary (5th) PA
US History through Art Kathleen Doherty US History High School MA